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all the music I listen to


the birthday massacre

years active - 1999, present

origin: london and canada

Favorite songs - pins and needles, fascination, sleepwalking, looking glass, lovers end, pale, control, shallow grave, sideways, midnight, goodnight, flashback, kill the lights, forever happy birthday, happy birthday, horror show, video kid, nevermind, leaving tonight, shiver, science, calling, walking with strangers, weekend, movie

Jack off jill

years active: 1992–2012

origin: florida, usa


favorite songs - fear of dying, nazi halo, strawberry gashes, author unknown, cinnamon spider, underjoyed, losing his touch, love song, horrible, my cat, super sadist, devil with the black dress on, girlscout, lollirot, hypocrite, kringle, spit and rape, yellow brick road, bruises are back in style, cherry scented, confederate fag, chocolate chicken


years active: 2002–2016
origin: texas, usa



all around me, again, fire fire, im so sick, arise, call you out, fully alive, circle, new horizons, sorrow, missing, cassie, beautiful bride, cage on the ground, marionette, breathe today, broken wings, well of lies, magnetic, head under water, traitor, city kids, platonic, home

The smashing pumpkins

years active: 1988 - 2000, 2006 - present
origin: Chicago, usa

favorite songs - ava adore, pug, cyr, wrath, siva, snail, daydream, starla, the everlasting gaze, try try try, tonight tonight, zero, bullet with butterfly wings, 1979, x.y.u, plume, hello kitty kat, landslide, starla, eye, disarm, cherub rock, soma, mayonaise, luna


years active: 1989–2002, 2009-2012
origin: los angeles, usa


favorite songs - celebrity skin, hole, teenage whore, someones elses bed, malibu, doll parts, pretty on the inside, happy ending story, jennifer's body, babydoll, awful, miss world, garbage man, never go hungry, plump, mrs jones, for once in your life, asking for it, good sister bad sister, nobody's daughter, retard gril, reasons to be beautiful, boys on the radio, heaven tonight

no doubt

years active: 1986–2004, 2009-2015
origin: california, usa



favorite songs - just a girl, underneath it all, its my life, spiderwebs, hella good, trapped in a box, bathwater, sunday morning, hey baby, simple kind of life, excuse me mr, new, artifical sweetner, dark blue, happy now, making out, too late, hey you, lets get back, total hate '95, greener pastures, get on the ball, big distraction, open the gate, you're so foxy, stricken, doghouse, under construction, sixteen, tragic kingdom

dead kennedys

years active: 1978–1986, 2001-present

origin: california, usa

favorite songs - kill the poor, when ya get drafted, lets lynch the landlord, chemical warfare, california uber alles, stealing peoples mail, holiday in cambodia, terminal preppie, kepone factory, nazi punks fuck off, soup is good food, jock-o-rama, mtv-get off the air, take this job and shove it, dear abby, chickenshit, conformist, too drunk to fuck, pull my strings

Vanessa carlton

years active: 2002-present
origin: pennsylvania, usa

favorite songs - heroes & thieves, nolita fairytale, ordinary day, private radio, white houses, home, who's to say, twilight, unsung, afterglow, my best, come undone, fools like me

avril lavigne

years active: 2002-present
origin: ontario, canada

favorite songs - my world, anything but ordinary, mobile, tomorrow, losing grip, forgotten, don't tell me, nobodys home, contagious, everybody hurts, remember when, darlin, rock n roll, falling fast, head above water

liz phair

years active: 1990-present
origin: illinois, usa


favorite songs - why can't i, polyester bride, supernova, extraordinary, fuck and run, johnny feelgood, go west, 6'1", help me mary, girls girls girls, divorce song, strange loop, white chocolate space egg, big tall man, uncle alvarez, fantasize, girls room, whip-smart, cinco de mayo, h.w.c, chopsticks, x-ray man, nashville, may queen