I hate bullies. Why do people choose to act like such cancerous scum? What do you get out of making people feel like worthless when it's really you who should be putting a bullet in your head? Guess what, your life means nothing and you know it, and the only sense of life you have is by being scum to others. All bullies are worthless and should have been wiped out by eugenics. So happy karma and hell exist.

I hate men so much, they all base their entire existence around their pleasure and their pleasure alone. I don't think women should even trust or be friends with men because they are such disgusting sexual creatures that they will perve on you in your moments of weakness. Why do men expect me to be remotely attracted to them when they do nothing at all to appeal to women, they only offer money and rusty dicks.

atheists bug me so much, they think that christians just minding their own business is somehow deserving of them being treated as if they are the devil himself. You have no original thoughts so you call yourself an atheist and act like you're so smart because you do not believe in god. Why the fuck do you care if someone is a chrisrtian? I'm not even one but as long as they don't force it on me which most of them don't why care? You can't say that people shouldn't force religion on others but than try and force atheism on people. I don't care if you don't believe in God, I don't expect you to care that I do believe in God, so just stfu???

FUCK TEACHERS!!! Y'all treat kids like shit, yet you expect us to respect you, just because you're a teacher? What bullshit! You all act like you have a right to our personal shit. As if I wanna be here in the first place and now you expect me to give you anything about myself? Who do you think you are? Just shut the fuck up and quit because you cannot teach for shit.

I fucking hate liberal feminists, they are the most braindead people I have ever met. OMG, selling your body to men who will abuse you is so empowering!!! Pride yourself only on how much sex you have!!! Kill baby girls in the womb because that's what women's rights is to you? Y'all won't do shit for women. Y'all wont fight for women oppressed in other countries, or fight against sex culture, or be even remotely supportive of gender critical theory. Don't call yourself a feminist if you put men's feelings before women's rights. Maybe just admit you're the pick me girls, not conservative women.

Gender ideology. They don't even try to prove the validity of transgender ideology, they resort to insults and non-arguments such as "if it doesn't affect you, why do you care?" Because it does affect me! Men are literally allowed in female only spaces, feminist conversations are completely catered to so called trans women, and women who speak up for their rights are labeled as TERFS and told to die. Yes, keep pressuring lesbians into like dick, and then complain that society doesn't accept you because of things you can't help. Y'all don't even try to LOOK like women, it's embarassing you think putting on 5 cent lipstick and a musty wig makes you a woman.

SOME of the TCC. you know, the types that are so wannabe edgelord but they still use those they/them twitter bios and go out of their fucking way to say the most cringe shit ever. If you like randy stair you are automatically a retarded try hard in my eyes. people who bitch all day about how they dont condone what those bad people did, but they relate to them for some reason. like, what makes these people so special? they killed people? ok, lots of people kill people. the truth is, all of them, yes even your precious fucking renowned treasures reb and vodka (fucking gag me), were just boring nobodys who just happened to have killed people. thats not to say you cannot be interested in true crime and killers, but at least be fucking reasonable and dont act like eric and dylan were actually right about themselves and were truly the only self aware people left or some bullshit. also, you just happen to find them atrractive? theres twenty million or whatever generic white guys out there just as angsty but arent fucking dead neo nazi shooters! my goddddd. this isnt to say hybristophilia isnt a god damn problem and a bitch, i know it is, but most of these tcc twitter people are literally just straight white teen girls who think they are special and dont have hybristophilia!